Over the last few decades, technological advancements have improved the way humans communicate and interact with machines.

We believe that AI will soon power every interaction we have with technology.

At this exciting time, Taiwan AI Labs is exploring new user experience possibilities ranging from social natural conversations, image recognition, to AI-composed music.

Innovating Customer Experience

speech, visual, music APIs and solutions for on-prem and cloud

Speech to Text API

display real – time captions for any live speech

Yating Transcriber

convert verbal conversations and meetings into searchable text

Text to Speech API

turn any text into audio read by a natural – sounding voice

Smart Concierge Service

combining our vision recognition, speech-to-text and text-to-speech software to automate concierge services

Music Generation

AI – composed music based on personal preferences, bringing the joy of music to everyone


A p2p and crypto messaging application that preserves user privacy through its decentralized structure, which prevents PTT.ai or third parties from accessing user data.

Real-time AI analysis of news and social media.

Through Natural Language Processing, this system aims to help the public uncover disinformation amidst the global pandemic.


Name        :財團法人台灣人工智慧發展基金會
Account    :153-018-0006262-9
Bank No     : 807
Swift Code : SINOTWTP

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