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Analysis of cognitive warfare and information manipulation in the Israel-Hamas war 2023

Introduction Cognitive warfare, information warfare, and disinformation are increasingly being used to undermine democratic societies. These tactics can sow discord, weaken public trust in institutions, and influence public opinion. This article explores the cognitive warfare and information manipulation of the Israel-Hamas war in 2023 with AI technology, and empirical evidence indicates that these approaches were […]

Illustrating Microservices in Action: A Closer Look at the Task Manager Application

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, software development approaches have undergone a paradigm shift. One of the most influential trends that has emerged is the adoption of microservices architecture. Microservices architecture is a modern software design pattern that aims to build large, complex applications as a collection of small, independent, and loosely coupled services. Within […]

From Novice to Dual Roles in Just One Month: Immersive Internship Experience in Both Product and Engineering Positions

Infodemic PM: I began my internship journey at AI Labs within the Infodemic department as a Product Manager intern. I spent the initial days understanding our target clients and the specific services AILabs and the Infodemic team wanted to deliver with this product. After gaining a baseline understanding of our product, I conducted a comprehensive […]

For Exploring Medical Frontiers: Deep Learning for ICU Tabular Data and Image Registration

Tabular data learning Introduction Artificial intelligence(AI) has significantly transformed the landscape of medicine. AI  has proven its effectiveness in aiding clinicians by facilitating diagnoses, finding new treatment regimes, and even predicting disease prognosis. However, while AI models have been successful in interpreting medical images, the realm of medical tabular data, which is routinely collected for […]