From Novice to Dual Roles in Just One Month: Immersive Internship Experience in Both Product and Engineering Positions

Infodemic PM:

I began my internship journey at AI Labs within the Infodemic department as a Product Manager intern. I spent the initial days understanding our target clients and the specific services AILabs and the Infodemic team wanted to deliver with this product. After gaining a baseline understanding of our product, I conducted a comprehensive competitive analysis to identify industry gaps and pinpoint opportunities, helping us carve out a unique value proposition.

During the next part of my internship, I attended business meetings with prospective clients from foreign countries. Based on insights from various stakeholders, potential partners, and my understanding of market needs, I crafted a product requirements document that delineated a clear user flow, ensuring our product would align with potential partners and their specific demands.

As my tenure with the Infodemic team came to a close and I transitioned into a different project, I compiled a glossary for the project. This document was intended to ensure continuity and shared understanding among team members working towards the product’s general release.

During my time as a product manager for the Infodemic team, I deeply value the insights and experience I gathered from managing different facets of the software release cycle for an inventive new product. I would like to give a special thanks to Chloe for being the best mentor I could have asked for. Her mentorship was pivotal when I was first joining AI Labs, teaching me so much and showing me what it means to be a proficient product manager.

Yating Music Studio SWE:

Upon joining the Yating Music Studio Project, I made it my first priority to understand our product’s market positioning. This involved learning about not only our own product’s offerings but also the offerings of other products offering similar services. For new entrants into this industry, distinctly differentiating their products seemed pivotal to ensuring their success, and even then, products that were unable to carve out a unique niche still seemed to struggle considerably within this industry.

With this new understanding, I spent some time testing the Music Studio application, subsequently putting together a prioritized list of items that I felt needed to be repaired or enhanced in order to realize our goals. I spent time tackling these priority items – enriching the user experience and modifying the application. In addition to tackling these priority items, I also set up test suites for the application using Google Test and Google Mock and repaired faulty source code, pushing the product closer to its general release.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Benson. He graciously welcomed me into his team, providing me with the opportunity to contribute and develop software for his project. His mentorship and trust in my ability are what allowed me to develop and grow immensely in my role.

Final Thoughts:

My internship at Taiwan AI Labs has been an incredibly enriching experience. I have had the privilege of being a part of two distinct software development teams, serving in two contrasting roles: product manager and software engineer. Contributing to a rapidly moving product from these two vantage points has provided me with invaluable insights into the challenges of each role and this dual perspective is something I will carry forward into all future projects.